Guest Reviews

18-30 August 2012 – The Netherlands

Dear Rita and Flippie,

Let me start by saying that we have never been so sad upon leaving a holiday home as in the case of ZinkwaziBush. This place grew on us like a tick on a buffalo. I’ve lived in SA for twelve years and been back on holiday a couple of times now but have never ever experienced such hospitality and care from anybody that rented us their place before. We have never seen nor experienced a holiday rental so well prepared and organized as yours. There is no way we can thank you enough for sharing your special place with us. You guys just ROCK!
The four star rating you got from the Tourism Grading Council of South Africa for ZinkwaziBush does not do your home any justice. I would gladly give you a big SIX. To be honest, if I owned a place like ZinkwaziBush I would never rent it out to anybody for fear of them wrecking the place. Rest assured that we will go out of our way to promote your home to our friends and family both here in the Netherlands as well as in South Africa. Once again, thank you guys for sharing your little piece of paradise!

Alexander, Ellen, Pascalle, Niels and Aaf
The Netherlands

4-11 July 2012 –Die Geerlingse & Van der Merwe

Dit was heerlik in jul huisie innie bos.  Ons was gewapen met baie dierekos.  Die vlakvarke, rooibokke, duikers, koedoes & zebras het ons met hulle vele besoekies verras!
Ons het egter gewag en gewag…. Vir die apie in die nag.  Net voor ons wou verkas… het hy ons met sy teenwoordogheid vergas!

27 Junie -1 Julie 2012 – Die Jooste familie

Baie dankie vir ‘n wonderlike tyd!  Dit was ‘n belewenis om die zebras en koedoes te voer.  En elke aand was dit so lekker om in die aand om die kampvuur te sit en kuier.  Defnitief ‘n vakansie om te onthou!!

5-9 June 2012 – The Lutes Family- Ottawa, Canada

We have had a fantastic stay at Zinkwazi Bush.  The house is beautiful and the grounds are wonderfully serene and peaceful.  We all tremendously enjoyed our many animal visitors.  The kids loved feeding the zebras, Kudu and warthogs.  We all wish we could stay longer to relax and enjoy the tranquility of the deck for a few more days, and spend more time hunting for leopards and lions in the Kruger Park.  But the rest of South Africa beckons! Thank you for a truly memorable experience! It is certainly a highlight of our Year-long around-the-world voyage.

The Lutes Family – Owenm Sarah, Miriam, Valerie and Andrew – Ottawa, Canada